In a tiny beautiful country called Lebanon, nestling on the Mediterranean Shore, Amin was born on the 23rd of July 1993. From 1997 to 1999, Amin spent his first Kindergarten years in two Makassed Schools: Omar Ben Al-Khattab School and Abou Baker Al-Saddiq School. Luckily, his parent decided to move him back to Omar Ben Al-Khattab school where he studied till grade 10. In 2010, Amin pursued his Technical Baccalaureate degree at the Career Development Center and officially received it in 2011. In Fall 2011, Amin got enrolled at Arab Open University majored ITC and has been graduated in 2015.
Amin began his road to achieve his ambition when he was 13 years old. He conducted a lot of research about how to develop a good website. He improved his skills by practicing code manipulation. In addition, he underwent a two-months training in a web solutions company, in which he learned about the assets of the web development. As a result, Amin developed this website by applying all the features he learned.
Currently, Amin is a web and software developer, who manipulates some programs and websites.
Developing a website is not as easy as designing it! This website has been organized since 2011. The main aim of it is to let you know more about Amin and to show you some of the skills that he has gained. Keep visiting this website, and please provide Amin with some constructive feedback!

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